Boat TypeBrandMake/ModelMaterialLengthWeightColor

Light TouringStellar 12 Stellar 12Advantage Layup12'33.5 lbsYellow
Light TouringStellar 12S12 RedStellar 12Advantage Layup12'33.5 LbsRed w/grey
Light TouringStellar 12S12 WhiteSport layup12'40.8White
TouringStellar 15 Stellar 15ADvantage Layup15'36.41 Red, 1 Blue
TouringStellar 16Stellar 16 Stellar 16Advantage Layup16'37.5 lbs SOLD
TouringStellar 18S18Advantage Layup18'39.7 lbsGreen w/grey
TouringIntrepid Stellar 18I Intrepid w/skegAdvantage layup18'43.7 lbsYELLOW/ORANGE
RacingStellar 18RS18RAdvantage Layup18'39.2 lbsWHITE & Grey
Stellar S16SStellar 16Sstellar2016ADVANTAGE Layup16"35.3ORANGE w/grey
Stellar S16SStellar 16SS16S blueADVANTAGE Layup16"35.3BLUE W/grey
Surf SkiStellar SESStellar SESMultisport20.333.5 LbsGreen w/grey
Surf SkiStellar SELStellar SELMultisport21.234.8 Lbsyellow w/grey
Tandem TouringStellarST17 w/ RudderFiberglass17' 5"63.9 lbsBlue
Tandem TouringStellarST21 w/ RudderFiberglass21' 4"63.9 lbsWhite

RacingZegul SeaRocketA-Core Glass18'53-57 lbsRed
Play BoatingZegul SeaSkaterA-Core Glass16' 4"49-53 lbsCream
Greenland TouringZegulgreenland-carbon3D C-Core Carbon17' 10"
19 1/4" Width
35-40 lbs.Black
Greenland TouringZegul Greenland Tgreenland-gtA-Core Glass17' 8.5" Length
21 1/4" Width
49-53 lbsBlue
Greenland TouringZegul Greenland GT GreenlandTA-Core Glass17' 10" Length
21" Width
43-48 lbsGreen
Prijon and Jackson Kayaks
Fishing, Touring and day recreation

TouringPrijon CatalinaHTP Plastic15' 3"46 lbsYellow
TouringPrijonseayak hv lime Seayak High VolumeHTP Plastic17 feet61.73 LbsLime Green
FishingJackson Kilroy RealTree EditionPlastic12'3"64LbsRealTree Edition
RecreationJackson Cruise 12cruise 12 BPlastic12' 3"63 lbsCaribbean SOLD
RecreationJackson Cruise 12Plastic12' 3"63 lbsBlack Widow SOLD
FishingJackson COOSA HDcoosa-hd-bluePlastic12'1"79 lbsBahama SOLD
FishingJackson CUDA LT13ABS Plastic12'11"57LBSRed/White SOLD
FishingJackson Big RigBig Rig Blue Fin Big RigPlastic13' 2"92 lbsBlue Fin SOLD
FishingJackson KrakenKraken Sunrise KrakenPlastic15'7"85LbsSunrise
Light TourJackson Tupelo 12Plastic11'10"47 Lbs w/seat SOLD
TouringJackson Journey 14Journey Blue 14Plastic1461 LbsCaribbean


SUP Type Brand Length Make/Model Stringer Shell Weight
Cruising/Racing Doyle 12'6" Race-Tour Clear Multi-layer Laminate Fiberglass and Epoxy 35 lbs.
Touring Doyle 11'6" Sport Clear Center, Multi-layer Laminate 4 oz. Glass and Epoxy 29 lbs.
Touring Doyle 10' Sport Bamboo Center, Multi-layer Laminate 4 oz. Glass and Epoxy 23 lbs.
Touring Doyle 10' Discovery Clear Center, Multi-layer Laminate 4 oz. Glass and Epoxy 24 lbs.
Touring Doyle 11' Discovery Clear Center, Multi-layer Laminate 4 oz. Glass and Epoxy 28 lbs.
Soft Shell Doyle 9' Beefy D (2) Wood and Laminate 6 mm. Foam Skin 31 lbs.


Boat TypeBrandMake/ModelMaterialLengthWeightColorPrice
TouringPrijonSeayak Classic Seayak ClassicHTP Plastic16' 1"59.5 lbsMango SOLD
Children's TouringPrijonViperHTP Plastic12' 5"37 lbsYellow$300
Children's TouringPrijon Seayak Jr.seayak-jrHTP Plastic12.5"39 lbsFuchsia$600
TouringPrijon Touryak 500touryak-500HTP Plastic16' 5"62 lbsBlue$850
Tandem TouringPrijonPoseidon PoseidonHTP Plastic17'86 lbsRed$850.00
Tandem RecreationalPrijon Capri IIHTP Plastic15' 4"73 lbsRed$750.00
RecreationalPrijonCapri CapriHTP Plastic12'44 lbsRed$550
RecreationalPrijonCruiser CruiserHTP Plastic14' 1"51 lbsRed$600
RecreationalDelsyk TuktutuktuHTP Plastic10' 4"42 lbsRed$400
TouringStellar S16Stellar 15 Stellar 16Fiberglass Advantage Layup
16'37.7 lbsRed$1500
Touring TandemStellarStellar17 Tandem Stellar17 TandemFiberglass17'64.4lbsBlue Deck white hull$2,000
TouringJackson JourneyjourneyHTP Plastic14'57 lbsYellow Rain$800
RecreationalJackson Tupelotupelo-12-shadowHTP Plastic12'52 lbsOutback SOLD
Sit On Top FishingJackson KrakenKraken SunriseHTP Plastic15' 7"85 lbsSunrise SOLD
Sit On Top FishingJackson Big Rigbig-figHTP Plastic13' 2"92 lbsForest$1300
Sit on Top FishingJackson Cruise 12Plastic Rotomolded12' 3"63 lbs1 Forest
1 Camo
Doyle Sport SUPDoyleDoyle Sport SUP Doyle Sport SUP[/caption]fiberglass12 ft31lbsDk Blue Stripe SOLD